Hi Spec Engineering. Built As The Name Suggests
Hi Spec Engineering. Built As The Name Suggests
Hi Spec Engineering. Built As The Name Suggests
Hi Spec Engineering. Built As The Name Suggests

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Free Nutritional Advice with each purchase of a Hi Spec Diet Feeder

With many years of experience, the Hi Spec nutritional advice team can be relied on. Purchasing a Hi Spec Diet Feeder gives you instant access to experienced nutritional advice from Dr. Alan McIlmoyle BAgr (Hons) PhD FBIAC, a highly qualified Nutritionist who has over 40 years of experience in both ruminant research and nutrition. Feeding a Totally Mixed Ration (TMR) to ruminants is regarded as an important step in achieving optimum performance - be that as increased milk yield/improved milk quality or increased liveweight gain in beef cattle or lambs.

Many livestock farmers have come to rely on the years of experience built up by nutritionists working in association with feed compounders to produce a high quality compound ration to complement home grown forage. However, following the purchase of a diet feeder, many farmers leave aside this experience, opting instead to put together their own rations or fail to change their diets to suit the changes from year to year in silage quality or, equally important, to recognise the annual improvement in animal performance, due to genetic improvement.

As an independent, self-employed Nutrition Consultant, who set up McIlmoyle & Associates (www.mcilmoyleassociates.co.uk) over 20 years ago, he is there to ensure that livestock farmers operating a TMR system, meet their objectives in terms of optimum performance at minimal cost. This will normally involve the utilisation of home grown feeds and forage, ensuring that the diet is properly balanced for energy source, protein quality and minerals. Ensuring that the correct diet is fed will help meet your objectives for performance and the genetic potential of your stock.

Dr. W. Alan McIlmoyle
20 Young Street, Lisburn,
BT27 5EB
Northern Ireland
Ph. (01846) 661766
Fax. (01846) 661128
International code: (+44 1846)

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